“Before I started working with Jennifer, I was nervously writing my first book. I was worried about not representing my best self in the book. After working with her for a few months, I learned to deeply look at who I am and what I do in three key aspects of my life – writing my book, family life, and personal development. She guided me to work on specific ways of improving the underlying values of my life. It spilled over into my book and family beautifully. I am so much more confident about my writing and parenting because she helped me hone in on who I truly and am what I truly value. I feel so much more authentic in all aspects of my life. My writing became so much more confident and value-driven because of her help. Thank you, Jen!”

Alecia English


“The Quickening changed me in so many beautiful ways. I stepped into leadership in a way that I still carry those lessons with me every day. Leadership isn’t about being ahead of anyone, but being on journey and alongside everyone supporting them from a real, raw and vulnerable space. I fell in love with a part of my body that I’d been shaming for over 5 years. And I truly felt like I was a part of a sisterhood that I was safe and loved in.”

Sabrina Redmond


“Jennifer has so many innate abilities, it’s hard to name them all!! I first experienced Jennifer in a mastermind. This is a gift she is phenomenal at! She has a great ability to look deep and pull out your strengths and make them even greater and SO many ways and suggestions to help you create success in your life. She is very intuitive and gave me huge insight I needed to work through some of my own limiting beliefs and obstacles and she helped me gain clarity on some directions to take with my business. What I love about Jennifer is how down to earth and real she is. I never feel any judgement and she always creates a safe place for me to be me and work through what I need to and yet I feel fully supported while doing so. She is a nurturer of dreams and is full of creativity! I love her style and every time I’ve worked with her I’ve seen incredible results in my life!”

Christi Diamond

Healing Coach & Author, The Healing Coach