I’m going to share a method for changing your perception of yourself, and your perception of beauty.

My inspiration this week came from a master class I’ve been working on by the comedian Steve Martin. I just want to give credit where it is due, because I am loving the fringe benefits of this course! If you want to check it out, you can learn more about it here.

This week in the master course Steve Martin talked about appreciating not the shape of our bodies, but the shape of our personalities.

This is groundbreaking in changing our perception of beauty.

As women especially, we are constantly evaluating the state of our physical bodies. Always. Our culture today has taught us to focus almost solely on the way we look. In reality, what drives us, what shapes the way we think, feel and behave is not our physical body. It is our personality.

There is no better lens than personality when we want a true, clear picture of who we really are.
Let’s put this thought into action.

I’d like you look in the mirror today, and ask yourself these things:

• How do you think?
• How do you feel?
• How do you behave?

Specifically, which words come to mind when you think about yourself as a person, as a whole? What are the positive qualities you see—your favorite things about yourself? What are the negative aspects of your personality?

An important thing to note, don’t immediately try to change the things you don’t necessarily like. I want to encourage you to try immediately to fix your negatives. Instead, embrace them. Think about what you might do to use these qualities to your advantage.

Do you have a few ideas, a few words that might describe your personality?
Here is part two:

• How do you want to think?
• How do you want to feel?
• How do you want to behave?

Now allow yourself to think the things you’d love to think about every day. Let yourself feel those feelings you’re yearning for. Imagine yourself behaving in a way that makes you feel like your truest, most powerful and authentic self.

This is a shift for us, and again it’s a challenge to our current perceptions. It will take some time and practice.

In the video I’ve shared some of my own personal examples. Watch, learn and try this powerful exercise with me.

As always, leave your comments here or on the Facebook page about what you experienced! I’d love to hear from you.

A Challenge to Our Perception of Beauty

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