Have you ever wondered about definitions? I do all the time! I love definitions! So what is the definition of perception as it pertains to your bodies and our lives?

What if you could change your interaction with food, just by changing your perceptions?

In the dictionary, perception is defined as the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses. Our perceptions are a sensory experience. Think about this for a minute.
It can feel scary to challenge these perceptions, can’t it?

The truth is, sometimes our perceptions are not supporting us in the way that we need. This week, we’re going to focus on changing our perceptions in five areas: Food, beauty, diction, abuse and movement. Today, we’re going to focus on one of my favorite things: Food.

I love food! It can be fulfilling and connecting. It can enrich our lives in so many ways. But it can also be confusing and disconnecting.

With all the diet trends, gluten free, dairy free, Paleo dieting and so on, each of us has our own unique experiences, beliefs and perceptions of food. In working with women on body love, this can sometimes cause problems. Sometimes, women won’t eat the food I prepare.

During the Quickening events, we come together to experience and connect through the food we eat. We experience our food using our five senses.

We get conscious in the process of eating. We start re-categorizing our experience and our perceptions with food.

In these exercises, eating takes on a new life, a new perception.

And though for many, it’s scary at first to begin to change their existing perceptions, these activities opens our minds and our bodies to new possibilities.

Today, I invite you to eat using just one of your senses beyond taste. Take something you’re about to eat and just smell it. Think about the smell or feel it with your fingers.

Be aware of what your feelings are about how your food smells, feels on your tongue, how you feel after you’ve chewed and swallowed.

Let your thoughts flow, open your mind spirit and see what comes up. See if experiencing food with a new sense creates a new thought about it in your mind, or a new feeling. What is the food providing for you? For your hunger? Your family?

After you’ve done this, I’d like you to ask yourself a series of questions. I’d love it if you’d comment here or on the Facebook page with your answers:

• Why is challenging your perceptions frightening?
• Is perception reality?
• Is truth obsolete?
• Can you trust the perceptions of others?

Once you’re able to look at your perceptions, you get to understand better what you are experiencing. You’re able to open yourself to experiencing more freedom, more choices, more possibilities.
In changing your perceptions, you’re bringing more energy, more love, and more richness into your life.

You can move outside of your own limitations and begin to live in a life that you love.

Definition of Perception: Creating New Awareness to Support Our Lives

If you want to challenge your perceptions, join me in the Quickening Membership or the I Love My Body Diet!