Women are the definition of strength. It’s no secret that I love women. I have worked with them for several years now, and I am constantly amazed at the strength they show in their lives and in their hearts.

I have watched them change their circumstances, take on challenges, learn to love themselves, build businesses and allow themselves to be authentic and vulnerable. There is no one stronger than women.

In today’s post I want to show you a tiny bit of what I see. I have a gift to see women at their core, in all their beauty and power.

Today, I define strength in terms of the women I have known.

Power or force:

Women are a force to be reckoned with. They hold within them the power to build civilizations through gentle nurturing and inspiration.

They have the power to give life, to nourish, to grow children into adults.

They are a force of nature, particularly when they are in a community with other women. They truly mold our future together.

To sustain without breaking or yielding:

Women hold truth in their hearts. They have a divine knowledge of right and wrong, holding steadfast in that knowledge without compromise. Women hold the truth for a community and for a nation. They have a quiet strength that stands against a storm of disbelief, persecution, and ridicule.

Support, Security, Power of mind:

Women are the bonding agent for their families and communities. They are security for their children and their friends. They are the force which provides comfort and safety. They have the power of mind to know how to sustain those in their circle of influence and uplift them.


They build up and maintain an atmosphere of peace and harmony within their homes and communities. They are the “soft place to land” for those around them. Within their fortress, women hold space for truth and mercy.

Quality that convinces or persuades:

Women are the people who bring soft words of encouragement and inspiration. Fortitude to grow comes from within women, and they spread it to everyone they know. If you bring her a problem, a woman will change it gently and graciously into a blessing. She will persuade you to keep going in the toughest of times.

Definition of Strength – Women

Women act with their heart. They go forward vulnerable, soft and strong. A woman will guide and direct according to the feelings of the heart and bring about mighty change in the world.

When women are in unity, they are unstoppable. They build each other up and lift each other out of darkness to see the light once more. I have seen them hold space for safety and security for one another. When they do that, their strength grows, changes, and combines to create beauty and harmony.

Women can truly change the world. Their influence isn’t loud and brash, but refined, sweet, and flowing. It is the most magnificent thing I have had the honor to witness.

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