This week in the I Love My Body Journey, we are talking about ears and peace. For me, peace is another word for relief.

What is your experience with peace? How has it blessed your life?

For a moment, I want you to think about war-torn nations. What is it like there? What if a nation never experiences peace? What would happen? Think about their families, businesses, farms, and transportation infrastructure.

In your mind’s eye, what are they experiencing? Can a nation live and thrive without peace?

Can you?

Peace is a central need for growth and development. Relief from the “battles” in life is needed in order to examine your choices, shore up your defenses, and heal.

Where can you find relief? I believe that peace comes from connecting with our higher power and with each other.

Relief comes when we are open to it and invite it in.

I have let you see a piece of what is going on in The Quickening Membership through these videos. I love to share this with people!

Today, I do Monologuer. We did this at the quickening. It is adapted from a game that one would play in improv. (What is life but one big, long improv, right?)

In this game you identify an emotion and talk about it, or in it, or through it, for one minute. It’s best if you start a timer.

In this video, I use this tool to talk through agitation and relief. I encourage you to try this at home. It’s only a minute, but you gain so much insight!

Day 1 Ears and Peacefulness: Agitation and Relief

If you would like to join us in the Quickening Membership, it is only $25 for a month and you can cancel any time. I hope to see you there!