Force can be a trigger word for many women, but I am changing that today. Let’s change the definition of force to harmonize with our strength as women.

Definition of force:

Active power



The physical property in a body that may be exerted

Quality of power produced by motion or the action of one body on another.

Force of the mind

Think about those definitions for a minute. What do they mean to you in womanhood? Think on these for a minute. I would love to hear from you about what you discover.

Four steps to force change:


Affirmations change the highways in the brain to think new positive thoughts. Sometimes it is difficult when we are changing long-traveled pathways of thought, but allow your conscious mind to speak to your subconscious. Create new highways. Change negative thoughts. Resistance will stop when you keep doing this.

Along with affirmations of yourself, remember to say around other people. When you change your thoughts about that person. You change the way you see them, and act around them. You inspire them to grow!


For me meditation is the spirit body taking over my physical body. (Remember in our definition? Quality of power produced by motion or the action of one body on another) The truth that is in you takes over the negativity, the tension, and the problems, in your life allows you to actually LIVE in your truth.

Stay in the present

Release the past whether in your relationship with yourself or with other people. Allow yourself to be where you are right now. When you can recognize that you are growing, that you are wiser than you were even yesterday. It allows you to focus on the present, and give you the ability to make choices right now, in the present.

Get excited for your future!

Imagine! Dream big! Think in terms of possibilities! Imagine with faith!

Discover more about these steps in today’s video!

Day 4 Hair and Strength: Definition of Force – Four Steps to Force Change

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