Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your feelings? Do you ever feel like you shouldn’t feel a certain way?
I believe we are built to feel a wealth of different feelings every day. I believe we as a culture have inhibited ourselves from feeling all the emotions that we need to be healthy. We have repressed emotions. And I believe this is an epidemic.

I believe this epidemic is what keeps us stuck in our emotions, and also stuck in our actual circumstances.

What if you could experience emotions freely, without shame or guilt, as they arise?

In the Quickening Membership, we have an exercise in which we allow ourselves one minute in a certain feeling. All the women are allowed to experience the emotions however they feel drawn to. They allow themselves to experience different feelings in a safe environment, with no judgement, no criticism. It’s one of the most empowering things I have ever witnessed.

I encourage you to watch my video, and go out and let yourself experience any feeling for one minute. Whatever comes up, accept it, sit with it, scream, cry, throw things. Or smile, laugh, dance around the room. Breathe through whatever you feel prompted to feel and see what happens.

Once you’ve allowed yourself to feel an emotion that comes up, I think you’ll find it feels much less significant. This means it has less of a stronghold over you and your current situation.

I’d love to hear your experience with this on the Facebook page.

If you’d like to take this to the next level, I encourage you to allow yourself one month to check out the Quickening Membership. For less than dinner and a movie, you can learn how to quickly feel the emotions you need to feel, and begin to live in a more peaceful, balanced state.

Feel what you feel. It seems simple, but it is the easiest way I as a coach, leader, mentor, facilitator can support you in your growth.

From Repressed Emotions to Emotional Freedom