Becoming Your Heart Quickening Contributors

Welcome! We are so excited to collaborate and partner with you as a contributor for our Quickening event! We have intentionally created that those who contribute are heart centered women with strong values, who are excited to share their contributions with all the women attending and are leaders in their own right. We are here to support you in your business as you support the women in their roles as leaders as well. We do not do vending, the traditional way you may have seen at other events.


The old model of vending:

-Pay a big chunk of money you aren’t even sure you will get back an investment from
Have a booth hoping to have people stop by
-Get an ad but for a major upgrade
Are drowned out by other vendors with possibly the same products
-Your only reach is usually is one on one
-There for only a day
-Not always a known presence or an integral part of the event
Competition model

The Quickening model of vending:

A space to build relationships of trust: Why is that important?
  • Longer use of the products.  
  • They get to experience you and therefore know to reach out with real questions and feel heard and seen.  
  • If they choose not to use your product, they still trust you and will think of you and recommend you to others. Referral aspects are much higher.
Training to lead from the feminine energy: What does that mean?
  • To not do pushy sales but instill connection and trust first
  • To serve with love and value, not expectation and disconnect;
  • They connect to your why, not just the product;
  • To lead by example, so they too can feel empowered in their voice and even their own business
 We give you a space for collaboration and to see how to support all women in what they do through valuing each other.
 During the event, we encourage women to join your social media groups and increase connection
 How to create a niche inside your already established business so you stand out in your passion and purpose with your product or service. You will find the women that are seeking you.
 Learn how to do live video and the power of video in marketing

We only have 12 contributors per event.  We have 3 categories with 4 contributors in each category.

These are the 3 areas of focus and some possible products or services under each

Financial health: Investment, Financial adviser, Manifesting, Business coach, authors, Network marketing consultant

Physical Health: Beach Body, Nutritional supplements, nutrition coach, Body image consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner, Beauty products

Mental & Emotional Health: Therapist, addiction Coach, Essential oils, Energy worker, Clothing products,  Art products or services,

We want you to be a part of this amazing integrative and healing event.

Cost is $497.00 for full 3 & 1/2 days of participation.  Price includes 5 meals. Rooms not included in the price.  


Please email to register as a contributor