I Love My Body Diet

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Attention: Women Who Lead Women

Get the Clarity & Love To Build a Loyal Community 
Through Loving Your Body More Than You Ever Dreamed”


Do you lead other women in some aspect of their lives? If so, you probably know what it’s like to have areas of your life falling into place while your body (or body image) drags you in the opposite direction.

Many times we aren’t fully aware how much our body image and our body love (or lack thereof) affects our relationships, career, spirituality, and our ability to lead.

Over the last two years we’ve been leading women through the process of loving their bodies – really loving them. We’ve found 5 key areas that come up over and over for women – even the most successful of women.


These 5 areas are…


Food:  Food is a gift!

Beauty:  My body is beautiful!

Addiction Recovery:  I am connected to my body, people, and things in a healthy way that brings ultimate joy and fulfillment.

Healing from Abuse:  I am whole and healed from all forms of abuse that have taken hold in my life.  I am powerful and moving forward daily!

Movement:  I find joyful and loving ways to move my body, giving myself the gift of movement. 

After leading multiple ongoing 90-day I Love My Body Diet programs to help women shift into loving their bodies, we’re rolling out a new format. We’re moving from a 90 day program to a way of life!  The new I Love My Body Diet (ILMBD) membership starts May 1, 2017.


woman on stageWhat is the ILMBD? 


Most fad diets focus on changing behaviors to get a desired result.  How has that worked for you?  The ILMBD empowers women to love their bodies from the inside out.  It is a daily dose of love to your body.  We’ve spent too many years in a vicious cycle of self-hatred, sabotage and abuse of the body.  It’s time to give your body a dose of love each day while being in a safe and supportive space with Body Love Angels who are trained and experienced in these areas to support you with loving your body. 

The ILMBD program creates greater confidence and trust in our abilities as women. To love and stand strong.


A feminine movement which is learning to listen with love and speak with truth


woman looking in mirrorWhy Leaders Love “I Love My Body Diet”


  • What’s missing in your leadership? We’re going to give you the missing piece to help you feel like you don’t have to do it all yourself.
  • We show women how to release their shame and burdens, and stop taking on other people’s stuff.
  • Through small activities and training, we show you how to release things fast and have quick movement.
  • We teach you how to build heart-centered, feminine leadership. So many women are trying to lead like men, and that simply is NOT effective when you’re leading women.
  • You’ll learn how to build your strong, interactive communities.
  • Discover the missing link in your communities, in the deeper part of being raw and authentic.
  • You’ll finally know how to create brave videos where you’re able to safely share the deepest parts of yourself.
  • Feel truly empowered as you become more responsible in your feelings, in your community, in your families and your world.


How Membership Works

I Love My Body Diet

  • Discover the principles and values behind truly loving your body in our weekly Live Training with ILMBD Leaders. These are broadcast via live feed and last 30 minutes.
  • Connect with other women in the group, make deeper friendships and be a part of a supportive community in our weekly Zoom Conference meetings and private Facebook member area.
  • Step into a new lifestyle of loving your body fully with our small do-able activities you’ll receive five days a week. 
  • Participate in exciting, transformational live events. Members receive a 20% Discount on live events.


How Members Participate

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As a member of the ILMBD community, we ask you to fully engage so you get the very most from your membership. Here are a few ways you’ll do that…

  • Post in the Facebook community when you can … at least once a week.
  • We ask members to make videos because videos are one of the greatest ways to stand and face ourselves and heal. We’ve found that video helps women heal faster than anything else. It helps people connect to us and helps us speak from our hearts in whatever way we need to.
  • Do the bite-size activities we send you 5 days a week at your convenience.

This membership will be like being a member of a gym, spa, and healing retreat in one, but with a smaller price tag, and tons of support.              

Try a 14 Day FREE Trial

On the 14th day you’ll be billed $25/month
You may cancel at any time