Addiction is a very real thing for me, as it is for many of the women I work with.

I’ve studied it, researched it, and lived in it, both through addictions of my own as well as with my husband.

I believe addiction is a search for connections.

However, addictions are not healthy connections.

Whether we feel an unrealistic need for food, sex, exercise, alcohol, or beyond, every addict is searching for the same thing: we want to feel loved, accepted and understood, and we’re grasping for a connection to something that makes us feel this way.

In today’s video, I’m discussing three unique methods for healing addictions that actually create connection with others rather than annihilate them.

Watch and learn with me as I discuss these methods, and also provide personal examples.

1- Paradoxal Intention – Adding humor to an experience you are prompted to act on, or find yourself exhibiting obsessive behavior about.

2- Sharing and voicing addictive thoughts with people we trust, in an open and accepting environment.

3- Writing down affirmations. It’s critical for people caught up in addiction to find the positive qualities about themselves.

These activities not only provide the addict and his/her supportive partners a new perspective on thoughts and behaviors, but also create a pathway for interaction and real, healthy connections.

I’d love to hear your own insights and thoughts about this process, and what tools you have used to work through the addictions you’ve experienced in your life.

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Let Go of Addictions and Create Healthy Connections