Having, feeling, and acting on emotions is one of the greatest strengths in the feminine. It allows a woman to act on intuition. She can empathize, lift, and comfort those around her.

A woman in tune with her emotions is able to experience life in all the depth it was meant to be experienced. It is beautiful to step into this strength and live in our emotions.

But we don’t always do that.

I have identified several reasons why we don’t allow ourselves to experience and live in our emotions.

  1. We were taught at a young age to stop our emotions so we don’t know how to feel them, or what we are feeling.
  2. We not in a safe place to feel emotions. We don’t feel as though we can be vulnerable and truly experience our emotions.
  3. Negative emotions can create more negative emotions and so we avoid them rather than feeling them.

When you give an identity to an emotion, it allows you to fully feel it. It becomes less scary. And because you have acknowledged and felt the emotion, you are free from the anxiety and anticipation of feeling it again. Once you have felt your emotion, rather than avoiding it, your brain knows what it feels like and can accept it without fear. So then, feeling your emotions and accepting them is a form of freedom!

This, of course, doesn’t mean that you have to live in negative emotions. Once you have learned how to accept your emotions, you’ll learn how to move through them. It is a wonderful experience to be at peace with your truth. And to live in your emotions for a time and then release it.

In today’s video, I give you 8 Reasons Why Emotions Create the Greatest Strength for Women.
Women are a force in this world. They are strong and powerful. Emotions give you information and intuition about your life. It is time for you to know how to create and move in your emotions.

Enjoy today’s video! Enjoy your body! Enjoy your emotions!

Eight Reasons Why Emotions Create the Greatest Strength for Women

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