Quickening Membership

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“How To Trust Yourself, Your Decisions & Your Life”


  • Create true friendships where you are free to completely be you.
  • Learn to communicate with people in a way that is supportive and happy.
  • Up your game, shift your world-view to a higher level, seeing your worth and the worth of those around you.
  • Find your success by tapping into your true self!
  • Achieve your dreams and goals more easily.
  • Live lighter, freer, and more yourself…

Step into the Quickening Membership


Imagine Yourself after Just 6 Months In This Membership…

You are at ease in your life. Stress doesn’t phase you. Other’s decisions are theirs, not yours. You allow others to make their own decisions. You are in a safe, peaceful, loving home. Empowered that you’ve created that space for yourself.

 Money makes sense. No worries about it. You relax into money’s ebb and flow.

Your life has changed!  Fear is no longer a part of your life, and if it rears it’s head you can step into the community and the tools you receive there to deal with it fast.

You experience never-ending creativity and joy. You choose joy deliberately. You take responsibility and control, creating it yourself.



What Is the Quickening Membership?

  1. Creating Friendship. This is a safe place where we create lasting friendships as we open our hearts, in vulnerability and authenticity. We ARE one million Women strong. We want to have one million uplifting friendships; whole-hearted, life-long friendships.


  1. Mastering the language of our emotions. We give you a structured, safe place to share your emotions, allowing you to master that language. This isn’t accepted in the world. Thus, our feminine energy that has been shut down. As we step into our true emotions we empower ourselves. Expressing our emotions creates forward movement in us. Learning the language of emotions is key to creating movement.


  1. Strengthening Finances. As women, we often put our financial power into the hands of others. We feel unworthy to ask for money, or get paid for services. We take on too many roles and don’t know which one to lead in, often taking on roles that are not part of our authentic self. This leaves us worn out, frustrated, and unfulfilled. We empower you to find heartfelt ways to strengthen your finances, allowing you to ask the questions “What do I really want?” and “Who am I at my heart?”

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As we expand in all our capacities, we step into the river of abundance. This provides safety for our family and for our mission in this life. Money flows as we learn to receive it completely and wholeheartedly. What is your heart calling you to do? The Quickening is a safe place where you ask this question and receive encouragement and collaboration to make it happen

Here are some success stories for the types of things you can expect
as you participate in this membership…


  • The rest of a home down payment was created the next day!
  • Making $1600 in 3 days!
  • Making 7 kit sales in 2 minutes!
  • Looking 20 years younger where EVERYONE noticed!
  • New friendships of authenticity!
  • Creating a new business from passion and purpose
  • Healthier and more loving relationships with family

What this membership will provide:

Trainings – learn key skills to overcome your challenges. Share your expertise in these areas, if you choose!

Reality Check Weekly Meetings – check in with yourself to make sure you are where you want to be. Make course corrections to get back on track.

Friendship Circles – receive the support from others. You are NOT alone!

Two weekly videos or posts – share where you are, allowing others to support you.

 Surveys –Give feedback so the program can adapt to YOUR needs

 Surprise challenges – Become stronger as you step into Risk, placing yourself into growth mode.

 A safe place – Discover WHAT is your truth and WHY you act upon it

 Connections – co-create events outside of this group to support others and yourself



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Let us help you discover how powerful you truly are.

We invite you to free-up your heart, build friendships, and create love. Be heard in your truth, be valued and supported by the group. Empower the feminine side of you, whether married, single, or divorced, stay-at-home mom, or efficient businesswoman. Ask what you want without fear. Reach out into your community and show your authentic self. Connect with top leaders and discover that you ARE one. Achieve your dreams beyond your imagination. Grow quickly, consistently, and openly. Trust yourself and others. It is possible to build a successful, victorious future. Together, we can do that – for we are 1 MILLION WOMEN STRONG – working together!

Join us! Only $25/month

You may cancel at any time