In today’s video I’m talking about abuse, specifically, the self-abuse we are sometimes subject to.

I believe every single person on the planet has been abused in some way, shape or form.

One morning, a few years ago I was on my way to get in the shower and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I suddenly heard myself saying horrible, ugly things about myself and my body.

These were such typical and constant thoughts running through my head, this was such a familiar pattern, it felt normal. I thought I knew how to heal. I have been around holistic healing my entire life, and yet I had this constantly running dialogue of negativity in my head that was the very definition of abuse – self abuse

Have you ever caught yourself in abuse?

In my video, I discuss a few of the common traits of an abuser. I’m asking you to think about these things and ask yourself this question:

Am I my own abuser?

That morning before my shower, I caught myself in the act. I knew in that moment I was abusing myself with my thoughts, my eating habits and my obsessive behavior with exercise. That was the day I decided to start a program to teach women, including me how to love their bodies. That’s how the I Love My Body diet came into being.

And that’s the secret I want to share with you in my video today: the one single action you can take to heal from an abusive situation.

Give yourself a few minutes to watch my video, identify the common traits of abuse, and learn what you can start doing today to begin healing. Connect with me on Facebook, and we can discuss it together.
My hope is that if you’re dealing with abuse of any kind, today’s video will bring you some perspective as well as some relief.